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University of Toronto St. George
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
William Navarre

28 SOS response to DNA damageCoordinated transcriptional regulatory system that enables cell to turn on different repair enzymes in response to DNA damage Degree of response can be adjusted Involveso RecA protein that binds ssDNA and facilitates DNA recombinationo LexADNA binding protein that represses transcription of a number of genes involved in DNA repair Under normal conditions LexA repressor is abundant in cell binds DNA to keep levels of RecA and uvrAB and other genes low When DNA damage occurs RecA recruited to single stranded DNAo LexA is cleavedo Other genes that were repressednow induced Positive feedbacko LexA controls own expressiono When damage is repaired LexA shut down its own expression turning off the response Error prone repair Damage to DNAif extensive amount of LexA in cell will drop a lot Activate expression of polymerase like UmuCD that can copy even damaged templates by guessing what the correct sequence iso Lots of errors introduced Why do cells with damaged DNA dieAlteration in base structure that is not repaira
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