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Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
William Navarre

35 Cell wall synthesis inhibition Peptidoglycan synthesiso Penicillins Has Nacyl group betalactam ring thiazolidine ring Produced by fungus penicllum notatum Highly active against gram positive bacteria Resistance arises by acquiring a plasmid that carries the penicillinases betalactamasesPenicillins not hydrolyzed by penicillinasesex Methicilin nafcillin cloxacillin Penicillins can be modified to be active against gramnegatives and with negatively charged substitutes Betalactam ring has an amide bond that mimics the DalaCala bond in a wall peptide Inhibition of transpeptidases by penicillin involves a stable enzymepenicillin complex Penicillins irreversibly inhibit transpeptidases by acting as a substrate for the transpeptidase enzyme Transpeptidases attack the bond in penicillin that mimics the DalaDala bond in wall peptides in a manner that is similar to the first step of transpeptidation However the bulky side groups interfere with the subsequent step where the acylenzyme intermediate is resolved Enzyme gets stuck with a penicillin molecule attached to its catalytic serine resi
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