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Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Alan Cochrane

January 9 2012 All questionsmidterm and examwill be multiple choice VirusesMultiply only in living cells of animals plants bacteria Obligate parasitesmetabolically inert when they are outside their hostso Use hosts metabolic processes for reproduction Viral disease due to effects of viruscell interaction between virus and hosto And or hosts response to the interaction Hosts are vehicle for virus replication Viruses are everywhere Viruses exist for all known life forms Viruses are importantTo understand disease in humans animals plants To develop cures treatments To use in experiments to understand molecular biology of cell To introduce foreign DNA into cells to correct genetic mutations add new genes treat disease develop vaccines etcEveryone is infected with viruses Present on skin in intestines and respiratory tact 8 to 12 different viruses at any one time in HEALTHY individuals Majority of viruses found sequencing the healthy urin
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