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Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Alan Cochrane

Bunyaviridae Negative strand RNA viruses Tospoviruswill not be discussed Generally arbovirusesLaCross encephalitis Younger than 16 because kids tend to be more adventuratous in environment so more susceptible to being bitten Mosquito bites chipmunck or squirrel virus grows mosquito bites this cycle continuesSymptoms Vary Like polioonly small minority of people display disease Those that docanhave marked impactCan replicate in brain seizures Camping trips summer campspick up this Can recover from infection but those that experience encephalitis and seizures are left susceptible to recurring seizures and epilepsy FRift Valley fever virus Livestock affectedAerosolized blood o Rare but source from butchered animal Can be transmitted in humanso Liver Distributionpredominantly Africa CrimeanCongo HFTicks Induces localized hemorrageHantavirus Exceptionin the same class but different mode of transmissiono By inhalation of rat feaces or urine Mouse to mousehow maintained Coevolution of virus and host species o Mouse unharmed despite high titres in bloodTransmission vectors Micewhere rodents are hantaviruses areTwo types of outcome depending on strain infected with Renal syndromeKorean war soldierso Messy living rats follow soldiers leaving food crumbs Pulmonary syndrome o Targeting lungso Mass inflammatory response in lungso Lungs fill with fluid drowno HIGH mortality rateo Dramatic change in average rain fallexplosion in deer mice population
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