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Ken Mc Leod

The Early Baroque: Definitions Affect: Objective emotional or start of mind such as sadness, joy, fear and wonder; They arouse the affections Aria: Solo, Lyrical Monologue in Opera Arioso: Short like Aria Baroque Style: Period of music from 1600- 1750 Basso Continuo: Bassline Floretine Camerata: Monody: An accompanied solo song Movement: Self-contain unit of music, complete in itself, that can stand alone or be joined with others in a larger work Opera: Drama with continuous music Recitative: A passage or section in Opera or other vocal work in Recitative style Suite: Aset of pieces that are linked together into a single work (Dance piece) The Early Baroque: Musical Terms Agrements: Charm Cadenza: Cadence; usually occurring just before the end of a piece or section Camber music: Usually suite of stylized dances for one or more treble instruments and continuo Concerto Grosso: Instrumental work; between a small ensemble of solo instruments; forces that appeared into the Trio Sonata and a large ensemble Chorale Prelude: Relatively short; used as introduction or as an interlude Exposition: In a Fugue, a passage of counter point between statement of the subject Figured Bass: Bass Line but supplied as scales or arpeggios Fugue Subject/Episodes: A passage of counter point French Overture: That opens with a slow homophonic and majestic section followed by a faster second section that begins with imitation. Fortspinnug: Melodies and their lyrics were prose. Fugue: Imitative counter point that is based on a single subject &
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