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Midterm Exam Review of Listening List.pdf

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University of Toronto St. George
Prof.William Bowen

1ANONYMOUS Easter MassKyrieslow tempo motion is CONJUNCT no beat no meterunmeasured range is smallshape rises and fallsform repeating harmonyconsonancetexture MONOPHONYUNMEASURED RHYTHM everything has rhythmstructure is transparentrepetitionTHEMES and VARIATIONS2BACH Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV 565 pitch ranges frm high low lrg interval more disjunct shape is up and down there is some form repetition monophony harmonyconsonance varying tempo everything has rhythm no beat or meter through composed dynamic is loud has art notes are articulated by composer ORGANaerophone keyboard3BARBER Adagio for Strings Op 11 motionconjunct occasional leaps range fairly small shape pleasing rise and fall form there is repeating harmony consonance w tension texture homophonicCOUNTERPOINTChordophone strings familyCHANGINGMIXED METERnot ARTICULATED ie smoothgets louder greater dynamicrange of instruments some play loudstring are more homogenous sounding4BRITTEN The Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra shows each constituent group of string woodwinds brass percussion in piecebegins w WOODWINDS BRASS STRINGS majority PERCUSSIONbalance of sounds thus more strings and less woodwinds and brass5BOULEZ Le marteau sans maitreNo 1 avant l Artisanat furieux motion is DISJUNCT range is high no shape or form harmony is dissonance structure is hiddenSERIALISMno meter beat percussion woodwinds strings6CAGE Imaginary Landscape No 4ALEATORIC or CHANCE music7CARTER Woodwind QuintetII Allegro giocoso serialism polyphony disjunct dissonance
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