NMC101H1 Final: A couple readings amalgamated to describe the conditions and roles of Women in Israeli society.

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Roles include taking care of family : mothers of israel. Marilyn p sair was the kibbutz an experiment in social and sex equality. Only few women were keen on going to israel in yishuv era to cultivate and harness the land. In the kvutza, quota dictated 10% of slots to be distributed to women. Also, women had a deficiency in hebrew in comparison to men who were taught for 6 years prior to their. Interestingly, both men and women thought there was some validity to these gender role stereotypes. Women envisioned a change in order to match the work done by the men in the kibbutz. They wanted to buy cows, chickens and vegetable gardens to be on same terms of work as men. Later, (around 1938) kvutza became a stable institution. Children were seen as an important resource for the kibbutz. Women were unwilling to give up their communal work for support of the babies.

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