NMC277H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Fatimid Caliphate, Church Of The Holy Sepulchre, Advanced Land Observation Satellite

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-Europe’s first encounter with Islam because of: expansionist policies
-Muslims went all the way to Spain – next two hundred years power in
the hands of the Muslims
-750 onwards, the Abbasid empire based in Baghdad, Flourished
-Abbasids – perso Islamic culture and had the military support of the
Turkish slave armies.
-10th and 11th centuries – fragmentation of the Abbasids and the
Europeans reappeared In the Eastern Mediterranean and Spain
-During the first centuries of Muslim rule, Christian pilgrims from
Europe had usually been able to visit the sacred places associated with
their faith in Jerusalem and the Holy Land.
-Al Hakim’s actions (destruction of the Holy Sepulcher in 1009) are
usually considered to have been a contributing factor to the gradual
evolution of the desire in Christian Europe to launch the first crusade
and to rescue what were perceived as the endangered holy places of
-The Fatimids promoted an ideology which was loathing to Sunni
muslims and threatened at one point to overthrow the Abbasids
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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