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60s and 70s after restoration of parliament republican (ataturk) and the. Kemalism: attempted to appeal to the private sector than the public sector. 1970 neither republican or justice could get a full hold so collaboration with the other parties. There was an emergence of non-parliamentary marxist movement. Pkk kurdish worker party: marxist party vehicle for militant kurdish operation. House: single old parties banned constituencies of old parties still there new parties emerged motherland party, leader turgut ozal 1983 election leadership of. Motherland created a gap between generals and: associated with justice party government, worked at washington dc in the monetary funds, sig(cid:374)ifi(cid:272)a(cid:374)t (cid:272)ha(cid:374)ge i(cid:374) tu(cid:396)key"s state a(cid:374)d so(cid:272)iety, attracted supported in now banned justice and islamist. Party: his legacy huge pm 1983 89 then president from 1989. Kurdish iraq: two decads after the 1991 defeat of iraq two decades after that growing turkish investment in these new areas.

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