NMC 278 Exam Terms

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Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
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James Reilly

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NMC278H1Examination TermsFasal ibn Husayn d 1933Directed Arab revolt in WW1 against OttomansBriefly governed Damascus with British support as Arab ruler of Syria 1919201921 first King of Iraq under British mandate confirmed by National Referendum selected by BritishHereditary constitutional monarchyIslam as state religion shariah law courts for both Sunni and Shia MuslimsOvercame connection with British and established connection with diverse and disgruntled populationsPersonified hopes and disappointments of Arab nationalists tragic figureTreaty of Sevres 1920Defeated Ottomans recognize loss of Arab provinces to Allied forcesLand to be given to Greeks and Kurds the straights internationalizedTreaty rejected by Ankara based Turkish Nationalists ultimately overruledWafd 19191919 Egyptian uprising against British ruleMulticlass country wide demonstrations against the arrests of Wafd delegation later political partySaad Zaghlul leader forced to step down by British 1925Hasan alBannaCombined traditional religious education with modern school teachingEstablished the Muslim Brotherhood 1928Represented middle class educated excluded from narrow circle of Egypts interwar elitesSought to define assert Islamic values1940 gained political popularityAssassinated by Egyptian police 1949The Mandates 1920Mandatescolonial apparatus in different garbsTransjordan Iraq Palestine British Lebanon Syria FrenchMandates ensure long term colonial rule and instituted policies to ensure the nations dependence on them
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