NMC 382 Midterm One

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Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Ron Leprohon

NMC 382Y1 Midterm1Tuesday December 6 2011Themes 13Egyptian ArtViewpoint profile for every part of the body except for eye and torso which face viewer Royal Iconography King larger separated from others king ordereveryone else chaosConventions men depicted as larger then rest of figures unless artist trying to make a point Menreddishbrown Womenyellow skin as sign of status aristocratic women did not spend a lot of time in the fields and therefore were not tanned rare instances of monuments owner not depicted as perfect man with the crippled legSymbolic use of color ex Depictions of Osiris blackdead redalive greensymbolic of fertility and vegetationComparative Size main and secondary figure those who pay for art are depicted as largerTheme One Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Religion 4Importance of geography on ancient Egyptians psyche emphasis on the Nile providing resources required to survive5The importance of religion in understanding ancient Egyptian culture Art King and Ritual King as high priest reliance on Gods for unknown6Two Types of sources Direct ex papyrus funerary texts instructions for commoners in afterlifeIndirect ex temples private tombs amulets private reliefs7No Canon no official collection of sacred writing condensed into one book that relates to theology ex Shabako Stone story of creation8Terminology none for religion piety and faith A lot of action words9Problem with Historicity chronological discrepancies time span of 3000 years10No separation between church and state King seen as connection to the divine sacred kingship religion defined the state11Multiplicity of approached different ways of looking at one phenomenon12Question of Logic not an either or situation but as well as Egyptians inquisitive and accepting of multitude of beliefsTheme Two Gods
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