NEW232Y1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Arhat, Upekkha, Ego Ideal

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Have to be somebody before you can be nobody". To pracice meditaion requires a strong ego or self. However, meditaion can also strengthen ego/self through its encouragement of self-awareness and afect tolerance. Meditaion can also increase awareness of aspects of oneself that may be threatening to be too aware of or that we typically hide from ourselves. However, oten westerners are atracted to buddhist/ meditaive pracices because it seems to be a short-cut to health and avoid diicult life issues. As the result, many of the insights" of buddhist psychology are misunderstood and abused. For example, the 3 marks of existence (i. e. , no-self or empiness, impermanence, condiional happiness) can be misinterpreted: No-self/empiness can be misunderstood as not exising, meaninglessness, nihilism; Impermanence can be misinterpreted as not worth enjoying anything; Condiional happiness can be misinterpreted means that nothing is worth achieving.