NEW335H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Lactic Acid, Frontal Lobe, Mind-Wandering

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10 Apr 2020

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Lecture 1: introduction: give a definition of meditation that accommodates the two main goals of the practice. Meditation: practice where an individual trains their mind to an altered mind of consciousness. Goal #1: to act as mind-body medicine so that individual can feel connected to their body rather than their surroundings. Goal #2: improve well-being and performance of individuals: describe the demographic that typically engages in meditation. Meditation is mostly practiced among those who are: Demographics are an important consideration in evaluating the effects of meditation; a group may practice meditation more because they are more sensitive to the effects. *religious beliefs: explain how lifestyle and ideology are an important factor in the effects of meditation and the results of meditation studies. Meditation is a complementary alternative medicine" rather than an alternative medicine because meditation is considered a supplement and not a replacement for medicine.