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A single score: chei (points for things that are in conformance with the recommendations) Less than 50 is fail, it"s really bad. 2-3 y/o is high bc it"s a period of very fast growth. As people get older, we become more health conscious and our diets get better. Less than 5% of the population have scored higher than 80% in this test. Essential nutrients: essential to human life and they must be provided by the diet. There are many compounds, we don"t need external sources for, but essential nutrients aren"t like this- we can"t biosynthesize enough of them for good health. If you add the nutrient to your diet, the deficiency symptoms disappear. Compounds that are the building blocks of protein. There are both essential and non essential forms of them. To support basal metabolism and physical activity, both fat and carbs are sources. When present in excess, protein is also a source.

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