NFS382H1 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Red Meat, Vitamin A

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Case Study
1. What additional tests would you suggest be done? Why?
a. Plasma Vitamin A levels, as he is showing signs of vision damage. Diet is
lacking in vitamin A, liver stores would be exhausted so we see changes to
his actual plasma Vitamin A.
2. How would his deficiencies be treated?
a. Short, underweight and pale- not enough fat in the diet, maybe overall food
consumption is too low.
b. Paleness- low iron due to low red meat intake, problems with vitamin A
absorption as the enzyme that cleaves beta carotene into 2 retinal molecules
is iron dependent
c. Protein and zinc high in meats- zinc deficiency- growth is stunted
3. How was the deficiency treated?
a. Multivitamins and minerals
b. Better balanced diet
c. Vitamin A supplements for eye issues and lubricating drops
4. Vitamin E deficiency?
a. Depends on what oils are being used to make his chicken nuggets and fries
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