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Nutritional Science
Samantha Kimball

Nutrient Source DigestionAbstransportStoragFunctions and Interaction Excretion Alterations DRIs e Mechanism of Action with other with Agingnutrients Vitamin D Fortified Two waysOf active form 125 Ca Mainly through bile Sunlight Age 3170milks Fatty Skin Goes to blood 60 bound OH2D3 P Only small amount Exposure RDA 600 IUfish dairy to DBP and is deposited to the Genomic Effect Vitamin K through urineUL 4 000 IUadipose muscle liver Active VD enters cell VD metabolites from Dietary intakesby DBP which is the oxidation andAge70Dietary 50 absorbed in all 3 then recycled out hydroxylation ofIntestine RDA 800 IUparts of Small intestine How VD binds to VitA 12425OH3D3 absorption UL 4000 IULumen has pancreatic lipase receptor forming a 125OH24oxoD CaBP23 and helps form micelle Passes heterodimer This making calcitroic calbindin through BBM by diffusionbinds to other acid also is excretedchylomicronexits at BLM as proteins KidneyChylomicron or DBP components and function ofstudies havehelps reabsorption shown thatinhibitsynthesize going up toprotein 10 000 IUEg Osteocalcin doesnt havegene toxicityBone protein that is effects thussecreted by OB It is RDAs maycarboxylated by Vit need to beK Plays role in highermineralization andis indicator of OBactivityNONgenomicSignal transductionpathway linked tocell membrane VDRfast signalingCalciriol binds tocmVDR and triggersopening of Cachannels thus moreca in OB and skeletalmuscles
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