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Nutritional Science
Samantha Kimball

NFS382 Term Test 1 NotesIndividuals take multivitaminnultimineral supplements for many reasons Some characteristics of individuals who use vitaminmineral supplementsIndividuals who have a special diet eg vegansHighly educated individualsThis might be a problem from a public health perspectiveMultivitamins may not be accessibleaffordable for everyone and those who are likely to benefit most are the individuals who are not likely to take themEAR Estimated Average Requirement is the daily intake that satisfies the requirement of 50 of a population for a specific gender and age The MedianThe RDA Recommended Daily Allowance is the daily intake that satisfies almost the entire population 975 It is 2 standard deviations above the EAR RDAEAR2 SDThe UL Upper Tolerable intake is the highest intake to exhibit no harmfultoxic effectsThe AI Adequate intake is used when there is no EAR established It generally satisfies the needs of most similar to the RDA AI is determine based on observations of intakes of healthy individ
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