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Mark Kingwell

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Thieves: What can I get away with? How little can I do? Stealing your time, my time, and the time of the people around you. Brokers: What can I get out of this? What can I get for what I put in? Lovers: “The love of wisdom” “to give without expectation of return…to give of yourself” Philosophy: Philein Sophia vs. philosophy: sophistry Socrates distinction between argument for its own sake, false wisdom and love of wisdom Scole: root of ‘school’, meaning leisure, meaning ‘time out of work’ or ‘time out of time’ COURSE WEBSITE THROUGH PORTAL ‘Philosophy is the system through which we put ourselves into question’ ‘It’s not going around in circles, it’s spiraling up, but you can’t se it because your looking down’ ‘There’s no Nietzsche because Nietzsche makes people crazy’ EXAM IN DECEMBER! DON’T DO ANYTHING UNTIL THE DATE IS SET! Four papers at 10 percent each, term test 20 %, final exam 30%, particip 10% ‘the books are not the point’ self-reflexive: philos. constantly puts itself into question ‘all philosophy is about whether philosophy is possible’ what is valid? (including that question) Plato – The Republic Plato’s dialogues are not a direct report of what happened. Socrates and Plato are not the same. Other historical sources agree (“triangulation”) that these ideas are Socratic. Some are clearly Plato, others Socratic, but there’s also lots of grey. Dialogue: vivid, entertaining, characters with personalities; character or author’s views? Republic is actually more subtle than it appears. Thucydides describes Athenian wrecking/capture of somewhere with an M ‘either you submit to us, or we destroy you’. Account is blunt, unapologetic, even in describing awful things related to author’s nation.
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