PHL200, Plato greek terms

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Lloyd Gerson

Philosophy200 Ancient Greek Terms for Test #1 Euthyphro aporia: apply, think through nomas: law arete: virtue or excellence pathos: property logos: any unit of intelligent discourse, argument, sentence, definition, statement of something said elenchos: refutation epagoge: leading on, introduction paradeigma: standard by which you compare, a paradigm auto kafh auto: self identifying self pathos-ousia: (emotional persuasion, feeling) + (essence/being) The Apology paradoxa: opinion or belief >counter to common belief hamartanem: mistake Crito psyche: soul (what things that are alive have, the difference between life and death) anthrottos: human being nekros: no soul, dead body Symposium eros: love – always a sexual cogitation philia: not sexual love, example: a mother love orthodoxa: truth belief doxa: belief episteme: knowledge to kolan: whatever draws a lovers desires to agathon: ergon: object of love (creator of function) Pheado katharsis: indicates a process of purification (usually religious) misologia: (hate logos) not trying to discover the true answers or taking the easiest route, on
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