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arendt exam notes

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Sol Goldberg

1Why according to Hannah Arendt is the relatively recent phenomenon of the mass manipulation of facts and opinions especially conducive to widespread cynicism and what are the consequences of this cynicismIntroThe crisis of facts for Arendt is that facts are being reduced to opinions which in turn masquerade as facts themselvesThesisParagraph Onethe traditional political lie was concerned with particulars and meant only to deceive an enemythese limitations restricted the injury that such a lie would inflict on truthconcern either true secrets or intentionsonly potentialities what was intended to be a lie can turn out to be truethe modern lieconcern things that are not secrets but are known to almost everybodyorganized lying always tends to destroy what it has decided to negatedeceives everyone even yourselfdifference between the traditional and the modern lie will amount to the difference between hiding and destroyingthe loss or destruction of factual truth in the political realm is a threat to human life in general result of the consistent andtotal substitution of truth is not that lies will be accepted as truths and that truths will be defamed as lies but that the sense which we take our bearings in the real worldand the category of truth vs falsehood is among the mental means to this endis being destroyedmanipulating facts and reality for a person from birth ie the Truman showmanipulating is difficult
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