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Sol Goldberg

1What does Jrgen Habermas mean by an ideal speech situation and what role does this ideal play in the redemption of claims to factual truthIntro In Truth and Society The Discursive Redemption of Factual Claims to Validity Jurgen Habermas formulates a theory of truth in which claims to the truth are redeemed through the social He makes clear that claims to validity are based upon intersubjective rationality that is implicit in all speech acts ThesisHabermas conception of the ideal speech situation plays a necessary role in the redemption of claims to factual truth for this idealized situation helps to ensure the possibility of rational consensus which is how claims to truth are redeemedParagraph One claims to truth involve consensusConsensus theory of truththis theory is opposed to empiricismtruth is not a correspondence between my thoughts words and the worldasserts that truth is not a property of states or individual propositionsinstead truth is a claim that assertions makesince truth is social and not just a propertyits goalaimtelos is mutual understandingrational consensus as opposed to forceful or accidental consensuswhen I assert that I am making a claimits validity and I expect others to agreetruth is inherently social and communicativeHabermas focuses on the fact that language is like a gamethe truth condition of propositions is the potential ascent of all othersall other people should ascent to its content to reach some sort of consensusredeemed validity claimParagraph Twoall utterances make an implicit claim to validity 4 classes of claims to Validity Intel
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