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PHL265 Lecture 1 Introduction to Political Philosophy M Sept 12 2011Why does x get to rule And is this fairmiddle agesruler and ruled king over kingdom master over slave naturally inferior by nature threvulsion of this idea was new in the 17 century there are no natural rulers thus power of one man over another must be explained else it is morally artificial if there are no natural rulers how and why are there artificial rulers Eg prime minister social contract political power must be given by those being ruled by an agreement or social contract Locke you cannot agree to give something away that is not truly yours ie selling yourself as a slave What kind of things can a person agree to and how is this agreement to be made bindingPHL265 Lecture 2 Introduction to Hobbes Leviathan CH 1011W Sept 14 2011On the title Leviathan is a character in the book of Job Hebrew bible in the book he is a sea monster God wrestled prior to creation the Leviathan is he with whom no covenant can be made cannot bargain with this monster fight with him once and lose your taste for battle king of the prowlexplaining allowance for an irresistible ruler as the only chance for the survival of all men it is not up to man to question the ruler Step 1 in Reading Hobbesidentify the ArgumentHobbes Introduction starts off by saying the key to understanding political society and human beings is to understand what they are composed of human body as a clockthe right way to analyze humans is to analyze their individual parts as how a clock would be analyzed by its gears strings etc Resolutive Compositive Method how parts fit together to compose the whole world was subject to a natural ordering in medieval thought why do we have fingers because they are for grasping thinking of the parts of the hand in terms of the purpose of the whole parts in terms of their contribution to the whole the reason an object falls is to return back to that which it was made ofwood floats because it is a composite of earth and air everything having a proper place and purpose in the world how fast something falls doesnt rely on how much it weights Hobbes visit to Galileochanged medieval thought nature must be expressed and explained by mathematical formula and so Hobbesexplaining things as a whole is invalida human body stays alive because eg the heart beats not because its natural purpose is survival so thus understand humans in terms of the parts of the mind the springs of motivation what people seek ie Aristotles human purpose to seek the good life Hobbes purposehonour and profit restless seeking of power after power that ceases only with death a present means to a future good basic motivation is to get what you want and get tools that will help you accomplish your future wants constant desire is to spring against others with the same wants Profittools to attain future goods a form of power Honourthe esteem of others a form of power also eloquence is a form of honour because it alludes to prudence we care about honour by nature not just for power we like to think we are superior best way to study humanity is to study oneselfalthough we tend to be unable to see our desire for honour so look to the desire of honour in other people instead
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