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Donald Ainslie

Autonomy and the consentious choice exam notes 1. To reduce our vulnerability to reasonable CD’s in a political society we have: a. PCJ – political conception of justice i. An account of how the basic structure of society should be arranges ii. Limited in scope  establishes the genral framework for scoeity, not all its details iii. Akin to a constitutional framework. iv. The PCJ is an ideal. 1. It doesn’t appeal to a certain CD, but applies so that conflicting CD;s can accept it 2. Religious tolerance can be instead said to be broadened to tolerate CD’s 3. Political philosophy is not based in mroal philiospophy but based on separate entities. b. State institutions which are justified in terms that are fair to those with conflicting reasonable CDs c. Liberal Democracy – 2. To reduce vulnerability we have on CD’s which concerns our bodily nature, we have: a. Doctrine of Informed Consent b. Rules for health care justifies in terms that are fair to those with conflicting reasonable CDs 3. What kind of values do you have. What are they? Examine them. 4. Autonomy as a poltical value: a. Recognizing there is a FRP – factor of reasonable pluralism we recognize that we cant force CDs on people and sould respect their autonomy b. It is not a view about the intrinsic worth of autnomy, but it is a recognition of the justificatory burden we face when trying to justify coercive norms. – for society or for health professionals 5. What are the limits to informed consent? a. Emergency - acts to restore the autonomy, imagones that the person wants to live and wants his autonomy is resotred b. Incompetence – acts in light of prior autonomous choices c. Waiver –autonomous choice to surrender decisions in this domain- given by the patient to the health care provider
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