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University of Toronto St. George
Donald Ainslie

Dworkin Exam Notes  Summary  Suggest that its not rights we should focus on in the abortion issue. The answer may lie in sancity of life. The arguments about a personhood and rights of a fetus are irrelevant because an early term fetus can’t have rights because it has not interests.  If exceptions of abortion are given to people who were raped and in cases where mothers life is threatened. (acceptance of Thomson)  No one treats the early term fetus as a person.  No one treats the death of early term fetus as trivial  Does not try to take a side in the ebate, but to understand what is the reason behind the disagreement i. Once this disagreement is understood, the a liberal legal position on abortion follows ii. The political issue (type 2 Q) not our concern right now  Gives value to life  Death is a shame, but not equally a shame  The amount of investment made in the human life and how much of it is redeemed gives the impact of the loss of the life.  Each life is sacred and natural. Though we can evaluate how they lived it, while respecting it as irreplaceable: ex: mother Theresa, satlin, Einstein etc. 1) What are the values Dworkin describes to bring out his point? i) Subjective: reflects a person’s desires and perferences. Not compelling to others, but compels to him. I like books, doesn’t mean others likes them. ii) Objective: don’t depend on individuals preferences and desires (a) Should be recognized by others. Lik eknowledge, great art, other achievements iii) Instrumental: value accruse to things that promote other kidns of values (a) Cash, health, training in music iv) Final value: emobidies by things that are good in themselves, not as meas to anything else. (a) Pleasure, eudaimonia, knowledge (b) This is objective (c) Some things with intrinsic value is irreplaceable: they exist only once, and it would be a tragic loss
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