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Donald Ainslie

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Hursthouse Exam Notes 1. What are the problems ascoiated with rights based approach a. Treats all realtionships as commercial in form i. Eg: degrades what matters most in life. (Explain?) b. Rights presuppsoe equal adults engaged in explicit negotiation: impossible to live like that i. Presuppose a larger moral framework which we relate to one another without negotiation. Explain? ii. Significnt evaluatuons of actions taken even when they are within a person’s rights. Explain? iii. Insisting on rgihts n context of intimate relationships undermines it. Expliain? iv. Rights not sufficent for understanding moral place of non-adults 2. How does the appeal to rights in the ethics of abortion confuse the different kind of questions? a. The bioethics of everyday life (type 1) b. Legal and policy issues (type 2) 3. What is Aristotles moral view? a. The thing which matters the most in a persons life is Eudaimonia: which is happiness (not psychologically), flourishing, well being, meaningfulness of her life 4. What are virtues? a. Virtues are character that are conductive to or constitute of happiness b. It could be i. Patterns of behavior ii. Motivation iii. Feeling iv. Reaction v. Thinking vi. Traits like : prudence, courage, honesty, kindness, generoistiy c. These are contestable, and no decision procedure. Requires judgement
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