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Donald Ainslie

Informed consent final exam notes 1. How do we explore the professional ethics? A. A answer one: (easy) not to expect a special domain for healthcare but follow the general framework for all professionals. a. Problems: i. Health care is special. We need it in a special way, different from our need for dry cleaning ii. Health care is a response to the vulnerabilities in our bodies iii. And bodies are in some sense identical to ourselves iv. Much of what the health care professionals do seems like torturing v. Therefore the state is mean to protect us from these kinds of bodily threats b. Important: bioethical questions about professional behaviour cannot be redued to questions of justice B. Second answer (wrong): treat professional ethics like the bioethics of everyday life. Rely on informed reflection based in CD. a. But if you rely on CD it leaves us vulnerable to doctors and bioethicists imposing their views on us. This is called as Tyranny of the physicians. 2. How do you consider pluralism? a. Take FRP as a starting point – factor of reasonable pluralism. – social policy forces people to live a certain way and it is unfair that people live on terms that they do not accept). b. Recognizing our vulnerability to others imposing their moral judgements on us – we recognize that we too are vulnerable for others imposing their opoininons in us. c. We are vulnerable when we are living together in a society d. Society offers obvious benefits, but also opens us to exploitation by the powerful 3. In professional ethics our vulnerability come not from others imposing their ideas but thourgh diseases, disability, death. a. Medicine offers us many benefits (cures, palliation, mechanical aids) b. Medicine also leaves us at risk that the powerful will exploit us. (health professionals.) 4. How do you find ways to live by your own comprehensive doctrines? a. Vulnerability to the powerful is solved by a politica conception of justice b. Vulnerability to medical professionals solved by the doctrine of informed
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