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Bioethics Study Notes MEMORIZESupreme Court Judges Ontario Rosalie Abella Andromache Karakatsanis Michael Moldaver Qubec Morris Fish Louis LeBel Richard Wagner West Beverly McLauchlin BCChief Justice Marshall Rothstein Manitoba East Thomas Cromwell NS RAMMLRBMT S7 EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO LIFE LIBERTY AND SECURITY OF THE PERSON AND THE RIGHT NOT TO BE DEPRIVED THEREOF EXCEPT IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PRINCIPLES OF FUNDAMENTAL JUSTICE TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY THE 9 THE PHYSICIANS THE PHILOSOPHERS THE SURROGATE PARENTSMajority 9 physicians philosophers surrogate parentsMS9PPP Part 1 BirthThe Beginning of LifePope John Paul IIthe Catholic view Evangelium VitaeSanctity of Life POPE ARG 1 Abortion is a form of murder from the moment of conception Presence of soul entitles fetus to the same right to life as anyone else Butfalsifies our experiences what is a soul POPE ARG 2 Abortion is worse than murder an unspeakable crime against life An attack on life in general rather than a particular life An attack on God as the source of life The sanctity of life Buthow can we attack life itself with development of bio why life a miracle Pope Argument refined Its wrong to kill innocent persons Fetuses are innocent persons Therefore it is wrong to kill fetuses abort them General AntiAbortion Argument Fetus has same moral status as other human beings Its wrong to kill human beingsTherefore its wrong to kill fetuses Judith Jarvis Thomsonon the right to bodily integrity Thomsons strategy Accept fetus has same status and its wrong to kill but use cases to show even if killing is usually prohibited causing death of innocent is sometimes allowedso abortion is permissible in some cases even if fetus has same status as you and me Defensible takings of life Selfdefense War Capital punishment Unintentional threats CASEVIOLINIST kidnapped by society of music lovers so that your body can be used to support needs of violinist for a period of time 9 mo 9 years forever 1 hr 1 min How is kidnapped persons relation to the violinist like unlike pregnant womans relation to fetus 4 stages of Thomsons Argument I Permissibility of abortion when continued pregnancy would cause the death of the mother II Permissibility of abortion when it is the result of rape III Permissibility of abortion in cases of contraceptive failure IV Permissibility of abortion in other cases Refined HEALTH RAPE CONTRACEPTIVE FAILURE OTHER Stage I Threat to mothers lifeAnalogy rapidly growing infant in house 2 innocent parties continued life for one of which requires death of the other JJTeach is permitted to defend herself Bystander cant choose Abortion is different It is the mothers body that each needs Fetus as a vehicleMother identical with it Thus mother has a right to her body against the fetus Others are permitted to help her No one is required to help authority exception What is a right Thomson uses property rights as a model Someone who owns something has a right to do with it what she wants within limits P has a right to X against Q P can claim X from Q as his due Q wrongs P by taking X Its permissible for others to help P get X from Q justly P doesnt have a right against anyone for help so its permissible for them not to help P get X from Q Society owes it to P to help her get X from Q How do we get our rights aOriginal rights each person has a right to her or his own body against every other person bBy permission P has a right to X against Q if P was given permission to have X by prior rightful owner Fundamental Assumption
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