LEC20 – Counter Terror Nov 19 2009

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University of Toronto St. George
Tom Hurka

PHL378: War & Morality LEC20 Counter Terror Nov, 19th, 2009 Terrorism intentional severe damage violates doctrine of double effect group and not individual can be satisfied by state and informal grouping of ppl state terrorism: government in war intentionally bomb civilians (terror bombing) some ppl say the state cannot practice terrorism bc the definition says its only practiced by groups who try to overthrow government terrorism is a political act act motivated by political idealsgrouping but need not be aiming at changing politics (political purpose) terrorism does not need to spread fear bc in moral assessment of terrorism as rejectionable all we need is the doctrine of double effect and the offshoot of that is spreading fear some terrorist attack are aimed at creating anger as opposed to fear what if someone who attacks non-combatants but believes they are combatants if the mistake is conceptual moral than it is terrorism, but if it is factual than it is not terrorism How Govt Ought to Respond to Sub-State Terrorism law model and war model target killing is allowed in certain areas (Yemen)
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