PHL100Y1- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 117 pages long!)

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30 Nov 2017

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De nitions: showing: a list of things that count to prove understanding, saying: explicit de nitions. Tinyurl. com/9ltvur6 - stephen law on transferable skills. The ability to make a point with clarity and precision. The ability to analyze complex issues and arguments. Philosophy: ranks 1 among all majors on the verbal section of the gre. Art: phil. of: law, emotion, sex, sport, business, theatre . Almost anything can be viewed through a philosophical lens. I. e. = that is e. g. = for example. Compared with religion: like religion, philosophy aims to answer existential questions; however, philosophy contrasts religion because, unlike religion, nothing is sacred. Compared with science: unlike science, philosophy has no consensus on. Like science, it proceeds by argument and is always open to refutation. Once consensus is achieved, philosophy becomes science. Like: exploration of what it is to be human and human life. Unlike: stories have an auxiliary role, philosophy lacks a proceeding arguments.

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