PHL100Y1 Study Guide - Final Guide: A Priori And A Posteriori, Perspectivism, Chocolate Cake

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13 Apr 2012
Phil Exam Review
- Social contract
- State of nature
o War
o Scarcity
o Diffidence
o Glory
- Fundamental natural right
o Natural right to all things
o Agree to lay down our rights
o Common power to enforce contracts
Author sovereign to create common power and sovereign has
absolute undivided power
We author sovereigns actions, so he can never be wrong
Through the social contract we transfer our rights to the
Sovereign = above law
o Prisoners dilemma
- Deontology
o The right or obligatory act
- Good will
o Do something in good way
o Acting from duty
- Duty/inclination
- Maxim- must be universal, cannot be controversial
- Duty requires us to
o Categorical imperative
Universal law
Law of nature we cannot will something that will be
Everyone treated as an end in themselves, not just a mean
Kingdom of ends
- Freedom of determinism
o Cannot know if we are free
- Existence proceeds essence
- Bad faith
- Authenticity
- Subjectivity
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