PHL200Y1 Study Guide - Aporia, Ousia, Agathon

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27 Nov 2011
Philosophy200 Ancient Greek Terms for Test #1
aporia: apply, think through
nomas: law
arete: virtue or excellence
pathos: property
logos: any unit of intelligent discourse, argument, sentence, definition, statement of something said
elenchos: refutation
epagoge: leading on, introduction
paradeigma: standard by which you compare, a paradigm
auto kafh auto: self identifying self
pathos-ousia: (emotional persuasion, feeling) + (essence/being)
The Apology
paradoxa: opinion or belief >counter to common belief
hamartanem: mistake
psyche: soul (what things that are alive have, the difference between life and death)
anthrottos: human being
nekros: no soul, dead body
eros: love – always a sexual cogitation
philia: not sexual love, example: a mother love
orthodoxa: truth belief doxa: belief
episteme: knowledge
to kolan: whatever draws a lovers desires
to agathon:
ergon: object of love (creator of function)
katharsis: indicates a process of purification (usually religious)
misologia: (hate logos) not trying to discover the true answers or taking the easiest route, once you take
this approach there is no going back, inferior life with a cure: convinced living thinkingly
aitia: the cause
sun-aitia: contributing causes
soma: body
Sema: tomb
The Republic
dikaiosune: justice (a classic arete)
kreitton: stronger/better
polis: a Greek city of state, sovereign political unit
arkrasia: you are overcome by yourself, -absence of power/rule, weakness of the will
enkratia: to be strong
distinct irreducible functions of the soul: reason, appetite and spirit
to logistikin: rational side of the soul (reason and compassion)
to epithumetikon: appetite side of the soul, governed by appetites and desires
to thumoeides: emotional aspect of the soul
to ontos on: that which really is: forums (eternal and immutable)
eidos: forums, idea of the good, not a concept
arche: starting point, source of explantation
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