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11 Nov 2011

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Sketch briefly bonaventure"s theory of seminal reasons, indicating the main philosophical and theological problems that the theory is meant to solve (2) Bonaventure contributes seminal reasons to explain the origin of new beings in the universe. The origin of new beings is a problem because for bonaventure, all existence is attributed to god, who created it and holds it in existence by his will. Because the world is so radically contingent upon god" will, only god can impart form unto matter. All secondary sources do is give a new mode of being to a form already created in matter. Matter contains within it active principles like seeds. A chunk of matter has its own possibility of what it can become. How did god create all these things at first, yet they turned to different things. If you have dirt, they are active principle that it can turn into plants. Nobody needs to do anything to the matter.

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