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hobbes summary notes- egoism

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Hobbes Summary Notes
Egoism and Human Nature
Psychological egoism: all human actions are done out of self-
Hobbes: Nature/Self-preservation: we are programmed to pursue
our self-preservation; we are biologically wired this way
Everyone naturally wants their own self-preservation; but your
self-preservation is incompatible with the self-preservation of
everyone else
We act in ways to further our own self-preservation because we
ought to because it keeps us alive
We act nice to some people and not to others because some
people are useful to us
State of nature: society prior to civil law and rules: all men in the
state of nature have a desire and will to hurt
oLife in the state of nature is poor, solitary, short and
oIs a thought experiment; primitive psychological state of
mind where you haven’t entered into laws and agreements
with one another
oEveryone is equal
oEveryone has a right to all- he could do what he would in
what he saw fit to enjoy all he could get
We naturally want to hurt each other and get pleasure from
doing so
He is saying that in the state of nature where all our motives are
unchecked and there are no rules to constrain us, it backfires; we
think we’re living the dream but we’re actually not because when
everyone does this, it is total chaos
We like to fight over things that cannot be shared
War of all against all isn’t in our self-interest
We enter into civil society to preserve ourselves
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