PHL376H1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Divine Command Theory, Gamesmanship, Virtue Ethics

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28 Feb 2013

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January 18, 2013 (from last class) sport as competitive physical play: rule governed and mutually agreed, and not necessary for survival or productive (this definition is up for debate) Perhaps if it weren t for professionalization and commercialization of sport, many of the relevant ethical issues (ex. cheating, doping) would be unlikely to arise. Cultural relativism (simon calls ethical relativism ): the view that what is right (or wrong) for a given person is dependent upon that person s culture. A person acts or thinks correctly if and only if the person acts or thinks in accord with the moral code of the person s culture. (a normative view) Might be attractive because its seen as sophisticated, and tolerant (whatever works for you) Disturbing consequences of cultural relativism: it may seem to promote tolerance, and that may be true but it also might not. If your culture is prejudice/bigoted, etc. then you will be the way your culture is intolerant.

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