PHY100H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Double-Slit Experiment, Quantum Superposition, Wave Function Collapse

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5 Dec 2017
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PHY100H1 Full Course Notes
PHY100H1 Full Course Notes
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How does quantum mechanics explain these observations? http://physics. about. com/od/lightoptics/a/doubleslit. htm. When thomas young"s double slit experiment is performed with extremely dim light and record the results on photographic film placed on the receiving screen and exposed very briefly to the light from the slits, a surprising result emerges. Instead of the wave- interference pattern, tiny individual flashes appear randomly all over the screen. If we expose the film for a longer time, an interference pattern begins to emerge, formed by the impacts of a large number of individual photons. The pattern becomes clearer the longer we wait: a beam of light consists of a stream of photons, in the quantum mechanical view. Describe several ways that this stream of particles differs from a stream of classical particles, like a stream of sand grains falling from a funnel. A stream of photons differs from a stream of classical particles are as follows:

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