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Giant Hormone Chart C HEMICAL R ELATIONSHIP TOO THER M AJOR FUNCTIONS H YPERSECRETION &/OR H ORMONE N AME RELEASING GLAND T ARGET:CELL,O RGAN ,GLAND CLASS H ORMONES R OLE IN HOMEOSTASI?W HY MPORTANT ? H YPOSECRETION DISORDERS Endorphins  Pain receptors in the brain   Growth Hormone  Bones   Glucocorticoids Steroid  Regulated by ACTH Adrenal Cortex  Raise blood glucose level  + + Mineralocorticoids Steroid  Adrenal Cortex  Promote re-absorption of Na and excretion of K in  kidneys Aldosterone Steroid  Triggered by angiotensin II Adrenal glands (on top of Cells in kidney  Prevent drop in blood pressure  kidneys)  Reabsorb Na & H 2 from urine Epinephrine Amine Adrenal medulla  Synergistic effects w/  Fight vs. flight response  norepinephrine  Increase metabolic activities  Raise blood glucose level  Constrict certain blood vessels Norepinephrine  Synergistic effects w/ Adrenal medulla   epinephrine ACTH Peptide  Anterior pituitary Adrenal cortex  Stimulates adrenal cortex to secrete glucocorticoids/  steroid hormones FSH Glycoprotein  Structurally similar to LH &Anterior pituitary Testes/ovaries  Stimulates production of ova & sperm  TSH GH Protein  Anterior pituitary  Stimulates growth (esp. bones)  Hyposecretion: dwarfism  Metabolic functions  Hypersecretion: giantism  Stimulates production of growth factors (ex. Insulinlike growth factors (IGFs), etc.) LH Glycoprotein  Structurally similar to FSH Anterior pituitary Testes/ovaries  Stimulates ovaries & testes  & TSH Prolactin (PRL) Protein  Anterior pituitary Mammary glands  Stimulates milk production/secretion   Varied effects from species to species TSH Glycoprotein  Stimulates production of3T Anterior pituitary Thyroid  Stimulates thyroid gland  & T 4  Structurally similar to LH & FSH MSH Peptide  Anterior pituitary Melanocytes  Regulates activity of pigment-containing cells in skin  ADH (Vassopressin) Peptide  N/a; regulated by water/saltPosterior pituitary Collecting ducts in kidneys  Prevent dehydration  Hyposecretion : Diabetes balance  Reabsorb water from urine insipidus Oxytocin Peptide  Posterior pituitary Mammary glands, uterine  Stimulates contraction of uterus & mammary gland cells  muscles  Mammary glands secrete milk Estrogens Steroid Ovaries  Regulated by FSH & LH  Stimulate uterine lining
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