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study notes for lecture two: endocrine physiology

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University of Toronto St. George
Doug Mac Kay

LECTURE TWO: ENDOCRINE PHYSIOLOGY *endocrine physiology = hormone action ((endocrine system controls body functions)) example: growth hormone hormones bind to receptors exercise results in growth hormone secretion binding triggers signalling pathways within individual or groups of growth hormone enters blood and binds to growth hormone cells receptors on fat celladipocytes the signalling pathways cause changes in cell activity binding triggers multiple downstream signalling pathways cell activity changes result in body function because cells results in fat breakdown for muscle energy communicated with each other and regulate body function this energy supplies the energy demands of exercise body systems do not exist within themselves body systems need to communicate with each other to regulate body function example: endocrine system and nervous system controls energy balance *insulin action in the brain lowers liver glucose production in rodents obesity & diabetes hypo = too little insulin => increased glucose levels, increased appetite resistance = too little effect INSULIN Binding Site Mechanism Effects Other considerations - brain binds to a receptor in the brain o controls glucose production in diabetes and obesity, sends a signal via the efferent vagus that runs L38:OL340839Z47N,99K0 between the brain and liver level of brain function - liver binds to a receptor on the liver o controls glucose levels by controlling lowers glucose levels production in the liver controls how much you eat classical endocrine glands pineal parathyroid ovary hypothalamus thymus testis pituitary adrenal *fatadipocytes (leptinadiponectin) thyroid pancreas
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