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study notes for lecture four: receptors and signalling

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Doug Mac Kay

LECTURE FOUR: RECEPTORS AND SIGNALLING Q: how do sex steroids interact with their receptors to give male or female characteristics? K4Z40805L305K7L308LJ3,O1LJK9-or-1OLJK970854380:8L3J*-proteins? Q: how can insulin activating its tyrosine kinase receptor still result in diabetes? A: disease affects the cascade L38:OL3.,389LOO-L3949K070.05947L989K0.,8.,09K,9L8,110.90^9K0.,8.,09K,9708:O9817429K0-L3L3J41L38ulin}) HORMONAL SIGNALLING Mechanism Effects Other Considerations - hormone binds to complementary site on target cell responds o will not affect receptors that are not of receptor in nucleus or cytoplasm interest - :543-L3L3J9470.059479K070.059478 o target cells are cells that express the conformation and activity change appropriate receptors for the hormones - L397,.0OO:O,78LJ3,OOL3J5,9K8,.9L;L9.K,3J08 of interest lipophilic hormones testosterone (an androgen) estradiaol (an estrogen) males and females only in females {ovaries} ((why does a hormone bind its own receptor?)) high affinity 8,9:7,-O070,.K,5O,90,:9K02470K4724304:,Z439,110.99K0-L3L3J7,9043.09K05O,90,:K,8-00370,.K0 43O8o many receptors) specific = because of the complimentary sequences o1OLJ,38,370.059478300894-0850.L1L.470O809K0K472430Z439N34ZZK07094,.9 reversible = binding of hormone to a receptor is not permanent, there are multiple ways of regulating binding Q: if you add more hormone, will more hormone bind its receptor? A: yes, it will increases in a linear fashion, until it reaches a plateau where all the receptors have been bound by hormones = saturated ::X-axis = total labelled testosterone (nM) ::Y-axis = bound labelled testosterone (fmolesmg protein) Q: can you remove hormone from its receptor? A: assign an arbitrary number for the amount of bound labelled hormones assume 100% add non-labelled hormone and the more non-labelled hormone added, the more the amount of bound labelled hormones declines this is because the new non-labelled hormone added is competing with the labelled hormones for binding sites on the receptor ::X-axis = non-labelled steroid concentration (M) ::Y-axis = labelled steroid bound
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