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PSL201Renal Funtions of the Urinary Systemfilter bloodregulate ionic composition of plasmaregulate osmolarity of plasmaregulate volume of plasmaregulate pH of plasma o this all causes the formation of urineAnatomy of the Urinary Systemthe functional units of the kidneys are the nephrons bowmans capsule proximal tubule descending limb on henle ascending loop of henle and the distal tubulethe DT drains into the collecting ductfiltration occurs at the renal corpuscle which includes the bowmans capsule and glomerulus o glomerular filtrate is the same as plasma but lacking proteinreabsorption and secretion occurs within the tubules of the nephron see slides for diagramskidneys receive a large part of cardiac output via the renal arteryBasic Renal Exchange Processesglomerular filtration is driven by the four starling forces o glomular capillary hydrostatic pressure o hydrosta
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