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University of Toronto St. George
Michelle French

 Primary  Bone Marrow, Thymus  Secondary  Spleen, Lymph Nodes, GATL, MALT, Tonsils  Lymphatics  Transfer excess tissue flood back to blood  Carry pathogens to lymph nodes  Transport fat from GI to blood  Acquired Immunity  B & T Cells  BCR & TCR recognize specific epitopes on Ag (Immunogenic)  TCR has no secreted form and is composed of an Alpha & Beta Chain (variable and constant region). TCR does not bind Ag directly, rather it recognizes peptide fragments from Ag processed and presented via MHC Complex.  BCR has a secreted form (Ab) and is composed of two Heavy and two Light Chains (Variable and Constant Regions). FC fragment, composed of constant heavy chains, binds macrophages. Fab fragment, composed of one variable and one constant region of heavy and light chain, binds Ag.  Diversity  VDJ  Somatic Rearrangement  Alpha chain has no D (diversity) segment  Further Diversity of B Cells  Somatic Hypermutation  Tolerance  Self vs. Non-self [Positive, Negative Selection]  B Cells  Bone Marrow  T Cells  Thymus  Innocuous substances such as a bee sting or certain food groups should not elicit an immune response, but if and immune response is initiated, it will result in allergy  Grafted organ or unmatched blood will be rejected as they present a different set of MHC alleles that is seen as foreign by our host system  Primary (5-6 days) vs. Secondary Response (1-2 days)  B Cell Activation  Recognized and binds specific Ag, internalizes and processes Ag, presents peptides derived from Ag on MHC Class II  MHC-peptide complex is recognized by T Helper cell TCR  CD40 on B cell co-aggregates with CD40L on T cell  Classes of Ab  IgM  First Isotype, Dimerization  IgG  Most abundant, IgG3 can horizontally transfer  IgA  Found in serum, Dimerization
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