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PSL301 First Term Test Study Sheet

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University of Toronto St. George
Michelle French

stPSL301 1 Term Test Study Sheet Page1 Blood y Plasma o Water ions molecules trace elements vitamins gases o Proteins made by liverAlbumin 60 y Colloid pressure and carrierGlobulins 35 y Clotting factors enzymes and carriers y K for antibodiesFibrinogen 4 y Forms fibrin for blood clotting y Formed elements hematocrito In embryo these cells come from Yolk sac liver spleen bone marrow o After birth only from bone marrow y Hematopoiesis o 75 hematopoietic stem cell become erythrocytes o 25 become leukocytes o ErythroblastReticulocyte erythrocyte o Megakaryocyte breaks down into platelets o Colony stimulating factors from endothelial cells and white blood cells regulate process via cytokinesis Granulocyte colony stimulating factor induces creation of neutrophil rather than monocyte y Red blood cells o Haemoglobin stPSL301 1 Term Test Study Sheet Page2 o No nucleus o Anaerobic metabolismo Life span 120 days y Erythropoiesiso Regulated by erythropoietin synthesized in liver in response to low oxygen o Nucleus pinches off nomoblast to form retiulocyte which matures to erythrocyte y Red blood cell removalo Bilirubin causes jaundiceDue to high turnover of red blood cellsLiver cannot remove bilirubin or too much is absorbed from intestines Treatment with blue light breaks it down y Anemiao Too little hemoglobin o Caused byDestruction of stem cells via drugs and radiation Inadequate nutrients iron folic acid Vitamin B12 Low erythropoietin y Polycythemia o Too much hemoglobino Caused byAbnormal erythrocyte precursorsLow oxygen delivery Defense against pathogens
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