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11 Dec 2012

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Everything is placed in chronological order for convenience sake, and some readings have multiple summaries because they were a bit trickier than others. Overall, sean and minh both really hope that this helps you with your studying. Thank you once again and good luck to everyone! Continental divide: the values and institutions of the united states and canada. One is proud of overthrowing an oppressive state, and creating a new government for its citizens. The other is proud of maintaining the legacy of it s mother country. Creating a government that allows citizens to make political decisions and stressing individualism is what makes usa exceptional. Maintaining a monarchy while creating free institutions made canada different. The core values of each country is what separates them. Whig is libertarian and emphasizes distrust of state, equality and populism. Tory is accepting of strong state, respecting of authority and obeying. Canada has become more individualistic and less accepting of the elites since the.

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