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POL101Y1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Universal Suffrage, Secret Ballot, Complex Interdependence

Political Science
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Dec. 7/2010
POL101 Midterm Review
Essay question about IR
Levels of analysis: system, nation-state, & personal
Systems level of analysis international system, the kind of government doesnt matter
(or the people), rise of China in terms of a rising global power, complex interdependence
National - how the government affects the IR
Personal - individual politicians, personal; how the traits of leader alter how leaders
respond to problems (i.e. how did Kennedy and his colleagues interpret what was going
on in Cuba; what was going on in their heads)
Possible Multiple Choice Topics
Many more veto points in the US presidential system, and can get shot down at any
In parliamentary systems, if the government proposes a bill and gets shut down the
government falls, this leads to more party discipline
Alternatives to democratic systems
Questions on Marx: what does Marx mean by revolution, class-consciousness (have more
in common with each other than the bourgeoisie)
Marx takes Hegels idea, says its about material realities (the superstructure)
Class: relationship to their means of production
Liberty of the moderns v. liberty of the ancients:
Collective v. individual freedom
Democracy: free & fair elections by a secret ballot (universal franchise), where the
person with the most votes wins (majoritarianism) institutionalized uncertainty (if you
lose this time, you might win next time)
Russia very backwards, not many workers (most are peasants) thus a Marxist revolution
is not possible
Multiculturalism: different groups, this is how we should run things because of these
different cultures
Problem btw multiculturalism v. liberalism
Employers because it brings in cheap labour (capitalist/right-winged)
Liberals (cosmopolitans) dont like borders, some excluded because they are born
somewhere else; borders are unethical, these people all have the same worth
Employees who lose jobs, wages go down
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