POL101Y1 Final: Failed States For second semester exam

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Modern state is something between an empire and a city. State building as a protection racket: organized crime verses organized crime . Hobbes: from security dilemma of war of all against all to modern leviathan . Weber: monopoly of legitimate use of violence within a given territory. Functions: a. despotic (weberian) b. infrastructural (regulatory) Some are good at a but not b. State building projects are used for protection racket. People at the centre city go to the countryside and talk to the nobles and the peasants saying that if they loan them their services they will promise protection to them. One way of thinking is one way of organized crime. There always in progress, they"re never completed. i. e. american gangster, the untouchables, etc mafia creates state within a state. Hobbes was living in 17th century england during a civil war.

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