POL101Y1 Final: POL100 UofT St.George. Kopstein & Wong. Lecture notes in preparation for December 12, 2013 Exam.

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12 Dec 2013

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Professor wong and kopstein pol100 uoft saint george. Africa (1989) by fw de klerk, soviet union (late 1980"s) by gorbachev. Push pull factors of democracy: bottom up pressure, demands, international pressure, legitimacy crisis, preemptive strategic choice. Making democracies work: institutions - rules of the game , rights and limits, winners and losers. The rise of the west and marxism: twin revolutions 16th-19th - agricultural and industrial, agricultural revolution may be hyperbole to use the word revolution, industrial revolution origins late 18th century england. Consequences: things that were previously seen as luxury items were now seen as necessities, birth of middle class who broke out of laborer status to professionals or entrepreneurs. Limits to growth: class analysis is powerful stuff as is the notion of the force inherent of capitalist order. Liberalism and working class: extension of franchise - right to vote, rise of social democracy in western europe.

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