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POL101Y1 Study Guide - Canadian Business, Blackboard

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RSM100 Preparation Sheet Session 2 Tues Sept 17
In this session, we will talk about Canadian Business History and the Canadian business
environment. John will supply supplemental information about the history of the
Canadian economy to fill in the brief history provided in Chapter 1.
The reading you do in Chapters 1 and 3 apply most this week. They also apply to
sessions 4 and 5 later on. Some of what is covered in Chapters 4, 5 will also come in to
our discussion, but you can focus on them more later as they will factor into sessions 4,5.
Assignment: Read the introductory chapter of Prof. J. Martin’s book (blackboard). Do
not spend any time on the outline or case study descriptions. Rather, be prepared to
discuss the following:
How have each of the four corners of the diamond affected wealth creation in Canada?
How is the banking system different now than approx. 100 years ago?
Why has manufacturing declined in importance in Canadian business in the last 30 years?
Optional readings:
Canadian Business History in Context Part 1 (blackboard)
Massey Case (blackboard)
John Murray’s speech from August, 2013
Reminder: optional readings are optional. I will not be testing your knowledge of these.
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