EXAM BASE(3) 11) Civil Military Relations and Democracy

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Power in international relation********: power is about obedience, In democracy we take all the power in our society, some power, and separate it: source of power: money, Once you have the creation of army, have draft. ) In democracy you will much more likely to go to war, you should vote for draft army, if you don"t want a war, It cost a lot to have a professional army, In the www. notesolution. com end it is the subject of soldier"s commitment. You want maximum contact between military life and citizenry. Military in poor democracies: corrupt states, weak institutions, overloaded with economic demands, raw social power confronts the state, coup d"etat (military seizure of power) In poor countries you get a lot of amount of raw social power, people always wanting stuff, under conditions of chaos, poor societies, articulate a raw social power, you get a military seizure of power.

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