POL101Y1 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Stanley A. Mcchrystal

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Built advantageous power relationships both in contiguous territories & in far-flung locales rich in resources required to fuel its growth. Activities abroad has to do with a core national interest economic survival can be defined as an uber-realist power: beijing cares little about type of regime with which it is engaged; requires stability not. Ne asia: favourable sitch. on land, free to work @ building a great navy. Already have disputes over parts of energy-rich ocean beds in east china sea & south. China would be, in an economic & military sense. Increasing integration appears likely; will be pivotal for future of great-power politics in region. Motives can change, better to track capabilities. Multipolarity will increasingly define power relationships in asia. Amer ican a i ms: real ism st i l l preva i ls over commun i ty i dea l ism green: concept of an east asia community .