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1 Apr 2011
December 6, 2010
Civil Military Relations and Democracy
-Gets at one of the core problems of politics
-Politics is about obedience.
oObedience is one of the main parts of Civil military relations.
oWe give our power to be violent and protect ourselves to groups like the police
and the army.
oWe tend to think money gives you power, money is able to by things to do things
for you and protect you.
Youre in a dangerous area, you are held at gun point, you offer the person
money for their gun, they kill you and take your money. He who controls
the sword controls the gold.
Problem of the Guardians
-Democracies still live in a world of states
oThe states that exist in the world own armies. Those who fail to field armies get
taken over.
Poland had a very decentralized government, failed to vote for taxes, and
essentially werent able to defend themselves and were split up.
Dont have an army, you risk losing your state.
oIf you have an army, it matters what kind of army.
Feudal armies = made up from the nobility and the aristocracies. It was
true in Europe and in Japan. Made up and led by the nobility. What made
nobles noble was that they fought. They were expected to fight.
The story of the modern state, is the story of raising mass armies of
citizens, not just the elites.
If you could get the whole mass of the population behind you, you
could become very dangerous and powerful.
oMuch more than a country who is just run by a small army.
When you have a mass army, the question is whether you get a
professional army, or do you have a drafted army.
-From Feudal to Mass armies
-Draft versus professional armies.
-Why do democracies need armies – not all the world is a democracy, bad things happen,
they act like a police force.
-Who gards the guards?
-What is the mode of control of civilians over the military?
-Huntington: subjective versus objective
-Subjective model
oFor the first time it became apparent to the Americans that it would have a very
large well financed standing military because it taken on this role of a kind of
global policemen.
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