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POL101 Final Exam Semester 2 Lecture Summary Notes Study Guide

Political Science
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Jeffrey Kopstein
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POL 101 Semester 2 Summary
Notes Final Exam Study Notes
Lecture 12: Genocide & Justice (Jan. 10 th
oGenocide committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or
religious group
Acts directed against political groups are excluded
oCharter of International Military Tribunal customary international crimes that justify
international criminal sanctions: crimes against humanity & war crimes
Victors Justice
oNuremberg Laws (trial of Nazi war criminals) govts could be held responsible
State sovereignty doesnt trump everything no longer adequate legal principle /
remove from others obligation to intervene
Memorialize, history & deterrent
oResponsibilities of individual states: considerable political power; control available weapons &
force; command the loyal of popl; may press for amnesty & general pardon
oTruth commission temporary, set up by official authority to investigate & issue public report
with data & recommendations (justice & reconciliation)
Contradictory goals sacrificing justice for social peace
Justice through prosecution & punishment to create collective deterrent
Convention that obligates states to intervene
Weight of justice @ expense of peace / democracy?
oAway from States concept, to an international community sort of concept
Lecture 13: Nationalism & Conflict (Jan. 17 th

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oNationalism ideology of nations
Nation group that wants own state
Invention of nationalism never existed outside ideology thereof (?)
Nation group of people who believe they share common fate, history, culture &
Nationalism: state & nation should be congruent
Occurs only under modern conditions feeling created in modernity
Why divisions of nation-states & not just nations?
oIndustrial society & need for universalization of culture
Need organization to standardize & impose
oNations are constructed; projects of elites; products of aggregated individual beliefs
Identities are socially constructed, change over time
High stakes systematic disadvantage
National narrative if wish to have a people, need a story
oNations do not create nationalism; nationalism creates nations
Creations of ideologies; doesnt affect legitimacy
Unification of high culture
oCommon global identity possible one day
oNationalism & Sequencing which first?
Assimilate or accommodate
oEthnic vs. Civic Nationalism
Whats the basis of belonging: political or cultural?
o[Canada]: liberalism vs. communitarianism (individual vs. group rights)
Ideal of Canadian multiculturalism
Is it a real / legit solution?

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Contact hypothesis political impact of ethnic mixing
Does diversity work against solitary? Against welfare state?
Costs of multiculturalism
oIf nationalism = function of modern society, once modern society is completed shouldnt age
of nation-state pass?
Is the nation-state coming to an end?
Economic integration, political unification, identities, fundamental challenges,
Lecture 14: Weber: the Protestant Ethic (Jan. 24 th
oProtestantism & capitalism
Social theorists responding to Marx, noticing correlation with Protestant
Protestant less restrictive than Catholicism therefore base produces
Relationship between capitalism & religions of the time
Look @ specific character of Protestant beliefs for connection to economic rationality
Marxism: Protestantism not reflection of economics; pre-dated rise of capitalism
Webers originality: usually ppl caught up with econ activity indifferent / hostile
to religion
(actions directed to material world; religion directed to immaterial world)
Weber distinguishes other forms of capitalism as economic traditionalism
Aesthetic Protestantism
Cultural theory of economic development
Contrast of Catholic vs. Calvinism
oElaborate former; stripped down latter
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